Microgaming Blackjack

Blackjack betting with a twist

Blackjack is a game that is the perfect combination of skill, luck, hunches, calculations and loads of fun. In Microgaming blackjack these elements are what players can expect in good measure. promises to help you enjoy playing at the top casinos that offer a wealth of blackjack variants from the leader in gaming software. For the keen strategy player and the ones that enjoy having a competitive edge, there are as many as 40 variants of blackjack including progressive Blackjack and Blackjack tournaments to look forward to.

Progressive blackjack with million dollar payouts

Microgaming blackjack is fairly simple to play, almost as simple as Microgaming slots, where the goal is to beat the dealer’s score without exceeding 21. The set up of the game, variations like side bets and progressive jackpots, and a blackjack strategy are some of the factors that could fetch players the lowest house edge. While some blackjack games only allow you to bet and then flip the cards, Microgaming has added plenty of incentives to bet more and win more. The bonus bets or side bets can put a player’s luck to the test by betting on the side and winning double the bet amount if two cards dealt is a pair.   

Some variants of Microgaming blackjack are unique where players only deal with a single hand or can’t double down, which allows them to create new strategies. High rollers too can get in on the action and bet up to 5000 credits. From classic blackjack to Atlantic City, European Blackjack, Vegas Single deck and Triple Sevens, there are variants of blackjack to suit every type of players. Apart from single hand variants, there are multi-hand games and others offering generous bonus payouts and side bet options.

Classic Blackjack is one of the all time favorites among players on Microgaming powered sites that plays to a 0.13% house edge. The multi hand version has a higher house edge as much as 0.59% since it is played with more decks of cards in the shoe. Atlantic City Blackjack features a house edge of 0.36%. 

Blackjack tournaments

Nothing can get more exciting than Microgaming blackjack tournaments hosted at many of the top online casinos featured at Several decks of cards are used in each round. STT or Single Table Tournaments are held on a regular basis with a buy-in fee and house fee starting from few dollars. Multi Table Tournaments are even more lucrative where several players from various tables play until all but one is eliminated. You may want to try your luck in Sit & Go tournaments, where the game commences only when a specified number of players have joined the table. Make sure to stay tuned in to for the latest Microgaming blackjack tournaments.