Responsible Gambling is committed to the promotion of responsible gambling. The objective of our policies is to educate players on ways to enjoy gambling purely for entertainment purposes and resist the temptation to spend more they can afford. Our proactive approach allows us to implement and pursue effective awareness campaigns that promote safe and responsible gambling and highlight the risks of gambling addiction. 

A proactive approach to responsible gambling

At, we believe that responsible gambling doesn’t only mean proselytizing a few words on the risks of gambling addiction. Our desire is to help gamblers know their limitations and know when to stop so that gambling doesn’t become a problem in their life and they do not let betting get out of control. All the Microgaming casinos that we recommend have stringent measures and policies in place to ensure that every prospective member is the legal age of majority. Minors are not entertained every casino reserves the right to requires for identify proof of age at any stage. 

How to be a responsible gambler

To avoid the consequences of gambling addition, we recommend that every gambler keep the following in mind:

  • Determine how much you can afford to really spend on gambling.
  • Placing large bets is never a solution to winning big money.
  • Keep a strict check on gambling hours without being tempted to extend them even if you are on a winning spree.
  • Don’t chase your losses. Any attempt to do so can potentially increase them tenfold.
  • Always set aside a percentage of your winnings towards your bankroll rather than risk all your money.
  • Gambling is a game of chance with no instant formula for success.
  • When on a winning spree, take a break. It could be the best time to stop rather than let greed overcome your senses.
  • If you worried about gambling problems or are confused, don’t hesitate to seek immediate help.

Gambling addiction support in Canada

Organizations such as the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario feature a 24-hour helpline and can also recommend help closer to a gambler’s home. They can be contacted on 1-888-230-3505 or visit is Canada’s first moderated, national support forum for gamblers who can seek advice online. Counselors constantly monitor the site to ensure that support is always available.

While you can always seek help from friends and family, there are several associations and support services such as Gamblers Anonymous that offer comprehensive counseling. always considers casinos and poker rooms that not only promote responsible gambling with deposit limits but in many cases, offer counseling and monitor their customers betting styles consistently.